On-Site Consulting :

Enrise consultants visit the client-site for all activities related to the project right from the design phase till the testing phase. Depending upon the location of the project, our consul-tants travel to the client site.

We work on portions of the projects that would help minimize the costs of development. Typi-cally projects falling under this category are governed by clear business requirements and technical specifications. By moving off-shore, you realize tremendous cost savings.

Projects under this category typically involve pre-analysis phases on client sites at a subsidized price.
Off-Site Consulting :

A more affordable option for the client, where all coding is done at one of our development centers. Our consultants travel to the client during the requirements gathering phase, and later during the testing phase. Once the design specs have been gathered, we work out of our development centers.

Typically this practice helps us address short-term technical labor shortages in cutting-edge technologies. Billing is done either or a piece basis or hourly contract basis. In most cases, we need a two week lead time form the point
of making a decision so as to relieve the consultants of their existing responsibilities.
Off-Shore Consulting :

Perhaps the most economic option for a client
is to have development done at our offshore development center in India. The rates would be one-third of the existing market rates in the USA or Europe. Due to a time difference of approximately 12-hours with the USA, our American clients can -normal productivity.

This is very similar to fixed-cost outsourcing, but for the nature of the distance between
the customer and the development center.
This forms the high end of our practice areas. We use modern tools and toolsets to deliver results.
Design is not Decoration
It is the constructuring of things to
evoke beauty and emotion.
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