The team structure for client Type 1
Enrise methodology represents a powerful combination of the best industry-proven practices and leading standards, is focused on streamlining the development process to increase return on investment (ROI) and compress time-to-market.

Enrise usually follows different methodologies for handling the projects
of ISVs(Independent Software Vendor)/ developers and the outsourced project of the IT department of big companies.

Client Type 1

Usually these clients are ISV’s from USA & Europe they maintain a development team in their premises in USA or Europe. Here our team works along with their development team and update /amalgamating
the works that done here for them with their server.

Client Type 2

These type of clients know the domain very clearly, but usually they will be engaged in some other business like retailing, healthcare etc, in short the business other than software development. In their facility they have an IT department who knows the installation & training part but no expertise on software development. In such cases the company outsource the development of the concerned software related to
their industry to Enrise offshore development facility.

                   The team structure for client Type 2
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